Reagan Wilson

Miss October 1967

“..The most heartbreaking and terrifying experiences I ever had been involved was visiting the wounded boys from Vietnam at a burn center in Texas….”

I was born in Torrance, California and attended school at Roosevelt Elementary in Santa Monica where my parents had a house right off the pier. My mother, sister and I moved to Missoula, Montana after my parents divorced. Between graduating from high school & enrolling at the University of Montana, I went to Los Angeles to visit my
Father. My uncle was an assistant director at one of the local TV stations. They were shooting a commercial at the beach where they needed pretty girls in bikinis, and he put me in. It was my first modeling job, and I also ended up getting my SAG card from it. Within a few months I had an agent and was modeling full time. I told my mother I would model for a year and then go back to school.

At the same time I dove into acting, where I found my true passion. Within a few years I had guest appearances on icon TV shows such as Big Valley, Laugh In, Kraft Music Hall, Carol Burnett Show, Johnny Carson Show and many others. Playboy had asked me to appear as a centerfold several times but I wasn’t ready to do it as I was still not comfortable posing nude. When I chose to pose, my centerfold was very conservative by today’s standards. I wore my own jeans & blouses and even did my own makeup. Looking back, I am glad I did Playboy, as I’ve met so many wonderful friends over the years.

I was doing an independent film in New York City and fell in love with the city. Before I know it I had found a wonderful apartment on Riverside Drive and began living full time in New York. It was such an exciting time to be there in days of Studio 54 and great designers. I was able to travel to 49 countries modeling, and lived in Paris and London.

In 1987 I married the man of my dreams, Barry Hornig, who is a native New Yorker. We have been greatly blessed by our 32 year relationship, filled with love, respect and laughter.
Together we founded Topanga Rugs, which is one of the best kilim and textile sources in the country.

I feel blessed by my life and find each day a new adventure to be grateful for.

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