Pamela Bryant

Miss April 1978

Pamela Jean Bryant was born on February 8, 1959 in Indianpolis, Indiana. She first appeared in Playboy in the September 1997 pictorial “Girls of the Big Ten”. She had a very successful career in TV and films. She attained a BA Degree from UCLA in Fine Arts.

Pamela died on December 4, 2011 in Hawaii of a “supposed” asthma attack. She was a good friend, and I loved her…

“He came to me in a dream about three days before I met him.  It was Christmas Eve and I met OJ at the Bistro Garden restaurant.  Million dollar smile OJ had the bartender marry us, he was pretty drunk.  Driving up to boyfriend Chris Mancini’s house in Sunset Plaza in OJ’s white Rolls Royce…naked..enormous hard on…living room, bedroom……enough was enough….”

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