Playmates & Photographers

  • Dede Lind

    Miss August 1967

    “I was the first Playmate to be in the magazine ‘Celebrity Sleuth,’ and continued to be in the...

  • Vicki Peters

    Miss April 1972

    “One of the memorable experiences I had during my days as a Playmate was meeting Elvis Presley and...

  • Ric Moore


  • Reagan Wilson

    Miss October 1967

    “..The most heartbreaking and terrifying experiences I ever had been involved was visiting the wounded boys from Vietnam...

  • Patty Duffek

    Miss May 1984

    “A police officer showed up at my door one day, telling me I was being followed by someone...

  • Pamela Bryant

    Miss April 1978

    Pamela Jean Bryant was born on February 8, 1959 in Indianpolis, Indiana. She first appeared in Playboy in...

  • Nancy Harwood

    Miss February 1968

  • Mikki Moore


  • Marlene Janssen

    Miss November 1982

  • Liz Glazowski

    Miss April 1980

    Liz Glazowski was born on December, 19, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. She is of Polish descent. She is...

  • Ken Marcus


  • Cynthia Myers

    Miss December 1968

  • Carol Vitale

    Miss July 1974

  • Carmen Berg

    Miss July 1987

  • Arny Freytag


  • Charlotte Kemp

    Miss December 1982

    At 10.5 pounds and one month late I was born on January 27, 1963 in Omaha, Nebraska during...